At the first session yesterday, we presented the comprehensive proposal to the University. Now it’s their turn to respond. Since there are several articles with few or no changes, we’re hoping to start on those and get them out of the way. Let’s keep up the momentum with a great turnout again and join us on Wednesday, May 20th from 9 am-1 pm in University Hall Room 650! And as always, even if you’re only able to come for a short time, you’re more than welcome to attend.  Bring a friend and wear red!

Fill out the GEO’s new survey and tell us about your experiences at work!
The GEO will begin bargaining for a new contract in early 2015. Tell us about your working conditions, health care, and financial hardship—you can fight for a stronger contract that addresses your concerns! 
Your answers will be kept anonymous and confidential. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at