We need the biggest turnout ever if we are going to settle the contract on Monday! Join us in Student Services Building (Racine & Harrison), Conference Room C from 9:00am to 5:00pm (possibly later: check Facebook and Twitter on Monday for updates). This is our last bargaining session before the end of the strike authorization vote! You will be able to cast a strike vote ballot at the bargaining session if you haven’t already.
If you haven’t participated in the Strike Authorization Vote, your last chance to cast a paper ballot is Monday. WEST CAMPUS: School of Public Health lobby, 10:00am to 4:00pm. EAST CAMPUS: Science & Engineering South breezeway (weather permitting), 10:00am to 2:00pm. AT THE BARGAINING SESSION: in Conference Room C of the Student Services Building from 9:00am until bargaining ends. Make sure your voice heard in this important vote!
During the last mediation session, the University implied they are getting close to their last, best, and final offer. Unfortunately, the University has been making very little movement in their proposals: they’ve proposed a minimum wage of $15,190 (the current minimum is $14,565), a four-year contract, and no additional fees waived other than what is currently waived.
It’s incredibly important to have member input as we’re getting to the very final sessions since we may be tentatively agreeing to the final proposals or, if their last offer is unacceptable to the membership, we will need to enact contingency plans and may hold an emergency General Membership Meeting the day after the session.
Check back to the Facebook page ( and Twitter (@uicgeo) for updates from the bargaining room!

You can also RSVP to the Facebook event here:

With a bargaining session coming up that deals directly with the remaining issues, including economics like wages, fees, and health care, it’s more important than ever that GEO members fill out the Strike Survey, located here:

Your input is invaluable because it will help the bargaining team prioritize these very important remaining issues. Ultimately it’s your contract, so you have the say!

Once you’ve filled out the Strike Survey, join your colleagues for the General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, February 6th from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm in the Hull House Dining Hall (800 S. Halsted St.). There will be a bargaining report back from Monday’s session, a discussion of survey results, and an open discussion of what next steps you the members want to take. Food will be provided, so see you there!

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