At the first session yesterday, we presented the comprehensive proposal to the University. Now it’s their turn to respond. Since there are several articles with few or no changes, we’re hoping to start on those and get them out of the way. Let’s keep up the momentum with a great turnout again and join us on Wednesday, May 20th from 9 am-1 pm in University Hall Room 650! And as always, even if you’re only able to come for a short time, you’re more than welcome to attend.  Bring a friend and wear red!

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 GEO Steering Committee! The results of the Steering Committee election are as follows:

Co-Presidents: Sarah Moberg and Hale Thompson
Treasurer: Karen Cralli
Secretary: Chris Perez
Outreach Chair: Lydia Hou
Bargaining Chair: Cloie McClellan
Communications Chair: Mik Czerwinski
Grievance Co-Chairs: Marissa Baker and Jen Phillis
Chief Steward: Andrea Craft
Organizing Chair: Alyssa Greenberg

Members of the incoming Steering Committee want to remind you all about the First GEO Bargaining Session happening Wednesday, May 6th from 1-4 p.m. in UH 401. Even if you can only come for a little bit, please show up–the stronger the numbers, the greater the pressure we put on the University as we demand a fair contract!

Dear GEO members,
The GEO is launching a campaign for a stronger contract, and we invite you to join us as we fight for better wages, working conditions, and fewer fees for graduate workers. We plan to officially begin contract negotiations with the University in the Spring of 2015.
You can get involved by coming to the first Bargaining Research Committee Meeting at the GEO Office (815 W. Van Buren, Suite 203) at 3 pm on Wednesday, June 4.
If you are interested and have questions or can’t make a meeting, you can contact Becky Bivens (Bargaining Chair)
In Solidarity,
Becky Bivens
PhD Student, Art History
What do members involved with bargaining do? They may invest a little or a lot of
their time by…
-Researching wages, fees and tuition differentials, healthcare and trans-health
issues, sexual harassment, anti-discrimination, etc.
-Building a survey to find out what our membership wants
-Distributing the survey and talking with fellow members
-Helping develop a new platform of demands for the next contract
-Organizing teach-ins, rallies, and demonstrations
-Collectively writing a new contract (beginning in the Fall)
-Participating in negotiations (beginning in the Spring)