Use this form to keep track of the number of hours that you work during a semester. Remember to include all of your work duties and to file your completed form for safekeeping. If you think your job requires you to work more hours per week than you are being paid for, please contact us right away!


International graduate employees have the right to participate in their union, and have the right to all legal forms of speech and association. The university may not retaliate against international students for participation in union activities, and union participation may not be used as a consideration when reviewing your visa application.

Please see the attached informational flyer to learn more about your right to participate in union activities.



The first pay day of the Fall semester is Thursday, September 16. To make sure that you will be paid on time, please check your NESSIE earnings statement immediately. You can access NESSIE at

If your September 16 paycheck does not appear in NESSIE today, please contact your department payroll administrator IMMEDIATELY to track down the problem.

For those whose September 16 paycheck does not appear in NESSIE today, there is a chance that the university can put through a “payroll adjustment” for you, but you need to contact your departmental payroll administrator TODAY to make that happen.

Last year, as many as 300 graduate employees weren’t paid on the first pay day. Because of the extreme financial hardship that late pay puts on graduate employees, GEO has been working all summer to ensure that GEO members will be paid on time this year. Please check NESSIE as soon as you can, and contact your departmental payroll administrator today if you do not see a paycheck being processed for you for September 16.

NESSIE Instructions

1. Visit

2. Click on the COMPENSATION tab.

3. Under “Pay & Taxes” select “Earnings Statement”

4. Follow any additional instructions to gain access.