Committees carry out the goals and actions of the union. GEO has many active committees that are run by members just like you! Whatever your skill set GEO has a committee that would love to meet you! Our current committees include:

The Outreach Committee reaches out to and builds relations with organizations, groups, and individuals in Chicago, who do work that fits within our commitment to social and labor justice so that we can mutually engage in solidarity efforts and build our network of power for social justice.  The committee also works with labor related groups on campus through the Campus Worker and Student Coalition which meets occasionally throughout the year.  This group should meet monthly, and members can determine who and how many allies they are in contact with. 

The Bargaining Committee:

  • bargains a new contract with input from all GEO members.
  • demands higher wages and better healthcare.
  • hosts department lunches and reaches out to members to understand their concerns.
  • researches working conditions of graduate employees at UIC and at comparable institutions to improve our standing.

We welcome students from all departments to join—we want to hear your ideas! Email for more information!

The Grievance Committee investigates violations of the GEO contract on behalf of its members. We work directly with GEO members and UIC HR Labor Relations to address issues such as harassment, working too many hours, and unsafe working conditions in labs. Committee members are introduced to grad workers from all over campus, often when they are in a moment of crisis, and work to help resolve their situation both formally through the grievance process and informally by advocating for our members with various campus offices. The Grievance Committee generally meets when there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Email for more information!

The main purpose of the Organizing Committee is to increase awareness of the GEO to graduate students and members, as well as the signing of cards, and to organize collective actions and events (social and non-social) surrounding the Contract Campaign and other issues pertaining to the Union. Examples include rallies, office visits, department lunches, distribute the bargaining survey, teach-ins, etc. During bargaining cycles, this main focus of the Organizing Committee is the Contract Campaign, because collective action is the means by which we win better terms in our contract. Email to find out more!

The Communications Committee develops all of the digital and print media for the union. This website, our Twitter and Facebook feeds, every poster, flyer, and handbill are developed in the Communications Committee. We make our message in this committee. If you are interested in learning more about the Communications Committee please email us at!


4 Thoughts on “Committees

  1. Jiadi Xu on August 26, 2013 at 8:44 am said:

    I would love to know the positions for assistantship or graduate hourly jobs.

    • Hi Jiadi,
      We are working on the possibility of posting RA, TA, and GA positions on the website. We will notify you once the page is up and running. Thank you for your suggestion,

      Jesse Holzman- Co-chair Communications Committee (

  2. Dear Sir,
    I’ll be enrolling at UIC LGSB for MS-MIS program. I’m lokking for a GA/TA positio0n. Kindly help!

    • geoweb on May 27, 2014 at 2:38 pm said:

      Hi Nishanth,

      We generally post any open TA or GA positions that we come across on the website, so keep checking back during summer! Hopefully there will be more coming available as time goes on.

      Best of luck,