About Working Groups

Working groups are small, focused committees that take on one particular issue that graduate employees and/or students face. We already have a Health Care Working Group and a Trans/Queer Caucus. We are interested in developing a Parents’ Working Group, an International Students’ Working Group, a Lab Sciences’ Working Group, and a West Campus Working Group, as we feel that these employees needs are not being met.

If you are interested in starting a working group on any issue that effects you as an employee or student please e-mail our staff, Dawn & Kristin, at staff@uic-geo.net.

International Student Worker Caucus:
The GEO International Student Worker Caucus works to address issues unique to your experience as an international worker on campus, including fighting back against the International Fee which was recently implemented only for international students. If you’re an international student worker and have ideas about what you want to address, email us at geo@uic-geo.net!

Health Care Working Group:
We work to solve problems with Campus Care (e.g., low prescription maximums, medical care that is excluded from the Certificate of Coverage), as well as problems with UIC medical facilities (e.g., quality of care at Family Medicine, mistreatment of patients within UIMC system). We have already have huge success advocating for better health care for trans students.

Trans and Queer Caucus
Work with fellow queer- and/or trans-identified colleagues to improve health care access on campus. Plus, implement changes to existing policies and provide support and resources to other groups on campus and in Chicago. You can also access a Trans and Queer Student Guide to the University of Illinois at Chicago that the caucus put together here. Want to get involved? Email us at transandqueercaucus@googlegroups.com

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