As your union, we’re here to make sure you aren’t being overworked. Our contract establishes that the following appointment percentages correspond to the respective average number of hours worked per week over the course of the semester:

  • 67% = 26.6 hours/week 
  • 50% = 20 hours/week
  • 33% = 13.3 hours/week
  • 25% = 10 hours/week

It can be difficult to prove that you’re working too many hours without a record. Have you felt overworked in the past? Have you heard horror stories about the course you’re about to TA for? Consider keeping a private log of your hours worked with this time sheet. You never have to share it with anyone, and it’ll be immensely helpful to have in the event you are overworked.

TA Timesheet

Are you currently being overworked? Please reach out to immediately to learn more about your options under the grievance procedure.