GEO Steering Committee

The GEO Steering Committee is elected each Spring by GEO members. The Steering Committee members volunteer their time to help improve the working conditions of graduate employees at UIC. GEO is your union, so please be in touch with us.

Co-PresidentNick Christo (he/him)
Co-PresidentMarty Heath (they/them)
TreasurerJennifer Vaccaro (she/her)
SecretaryMeg Rock (they/them)
Grievance ChairLoren Ezra Whitman (they/them)
Chief StewardCarlo Reyna (he/him)
Organizing ChairBethany Austhof (she/they)
Outreach ChairAndrea DaViera (she/her)
Communications ChairMo Arvan (he/him)