As you probably know, graduate students at private universities are not currently allowed to unionize, and Graduate Students United at the University of Chicago have been waging a campaign against the National Labor Relation Board’s (NLRB) 2005 Brown ruling in solidarity with New York University’s GSOC, asking the NLRB to reverse the 2005 ruling.

The NLRB got the petition from NYU’s Graduate Student Organizing Committee 23 months ago, and has yet to issue a ruling.  They also did a petition demanding a ruling last fall – at – that got almost 3000 signatures.  The day after we delivered that petition to the Chicago office of the NLRB (you can check out a video here!), President Obama announced the recess appointments of three new members for the NLRB, and the board has been functioning all through 2012. And a bunch of NYU’s GSOC’ers traveled to DC to protest outside the NLRB’s headquarters on February 3, 2012.  And they’ve been writing letters to the NLRB.  However, apparently, the NLRB isn’t yet listening.  These graduate employees need help to get the NLRB’s attention!  Check out the solidarity letter attached here that you can edit if you want, print, and mail to the NLRB to demand that they let graduate employees at private universities unionize!


#2 solidarity letter to NLRB (DP final)

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