The UIC-GEO steering committee has voted to endorse Ken Thomas in the upcoming student trustee election.  Ken has demonstrated a willingess to listen to the needs of graduate employees at UIC and has worked together with GEO members to help advance those interests.  For example:

  •  Ken agreed to set up a separate town hall meeting for grads last semester when the first one scheduled was at a time when many grads who wanted to come were unable to make it.
  • He has been active in working with GEO on trying to improve Campus Care.
  • He voted ‘no’ in the Board of Trustees vote on a tuition increase earlier this year.

Because of his consistent commitment to working with graduate employees on issues that are important to us, the SC recommends a vote for Ken Thomas for student trustee.

The online election for UIC student trustee is open March 6 and 7 at

in solidarity,
Matt Bourque
(on behalf of UIC-GEO steering committee)

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