Since April 2010, New York University and the Graduate Student Organizing Committee/United Auto Workers have been waiting for a decision from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on whether or not graduate employees at a private university will have the right to collectively bargain with their employer.  Currently, Graduate Students United at the University of Chicago are organizing a petition to get the NLRB to finally issue its decision and to pressure it into ruling favorable for collective bargaining rights.  This ruling has far-reaching implications for graduate employee unions across the country, because if grad employees at all institutions are given the right to collectively bargain, this will bolster the strength of graduate workers and help to ensure that items such as fair stipends, health care, and tuition waivers are provided for all graduate employees.
You can sign the petition here:
Also, at noon on Tuesday, Dec. 13th GSU will be staging an action at the Chicago regional office of the NLRB, during which they will deliver the petition.  However, the petition will remain open until Dec. 31st or when the NLRB issues a ruling, whichever comes first.  You can find more information at their website, including the most recent endorsements from AFT and AAUP.

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