• AY 2022-2023: $22,590 (9.58% raise)
  • AY 2023-2024: $23,440 (3.76% raise)
  • AY 2024-2025: $24,200 (3.24% raise)

Retro Pay:

  • $2000 lump sum for those who worked Fall & Spring
  • $1000 lump sum for those who worked Spring

Strike Pay:

  • Stream-lined process to ensure no one loses pay from going on strike

Tuition & Fees:

  • Tuition waiver guaranteed in the body of the contract for the first time ever
  • $65 (50%) waiver and freeze of the international fee in the body of the contract
  • $300 relief for the general fee (incorporated into wages)
  • The right to bargain increases to the general fee in excess of $25/semester
  • Guarantee that newly created fees will be waived in the body of the contract


  • CampusCare Fee Y1: $260 (no increase)
  • CampusCare Fee Y2: $270 
  • CampusCare Fee Y3: $280
  • 25% reduction in the cost of dependent coverage for all dependents (up from 20% for 1st dependent, 10% for each additional dependent).

Leaves & Holidays:

  • 6 weeks paid parental leave (up from 2 weeks)
  • 5 sick days per semester across the board regardless of FTE (an increase of up to 3 sick days depending on FTE)
  • 5 days bereavement leave in the event of the death of an immediate family member (up from 3 days) and 1 day for an expanded list of other relations; greater flexibility to request additional bereavement leave if this policy is insufficient
  • Protections against supervisors informally discouraging grad workers from taking sick or personal days
  • Improved collection of data regarding leaves by departments

Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment:

  • Process for assistants who may have experienced sexual harassment or discrimination to request supportive measures with the option of union representation through this process
  • Appeal process if requests for supportive measures are denied with the option of union representation through this process
  • Protection of pay for those receiving supportive measures
  • Greater autonomy over whether reports are filed with OAE
  • Union may represent and advise an assistant who is filing a complaint of sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Notice to those filing complaints that OAE does not represent them
  • Explanation of decision by OAE to not investigate a complaint within 10 business days
  • Denunciation of workplace bullying and commitment to upholding the University Code of Conduct
  • Definition of harassment
  • Prohibition of retaliation for lawfully protected acts
  • Commitment by university to maintain websites listing locations of all gender bathrooms and lactation rooms

Recording Language:

  • University recordings will only be accessible by participants in the course for which they were created during the semester in which they were created
  • Notice will be given if recording is required for an assignment, and assistants will be able to request an assignment which does not require recording

9 Month Appointment Task Force:

  • We will convene a joint task force with the university to draft recommendations to the provost for expanding the availability of 9 month appointments

No Strike/No Lockout:

  • Incorporated a protection against employer lockout of workers into the contract, putting us on par with every other campus union

Grievance Procedure; Discipline & Dismissal:

  • New arbitrator selection process which removes a structural disadvantage for the union
  • Restructured for greater clarity and succinctness


  • Changed to reflect a recent arbitration ruling: joint RA+TA/GAs will be in the unit regardless of what percentage of the appointment is a TA/GAship

Union Rights:

  • Defended union’s access to orientations; prevented the inclusion of “voluntary” language

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