– April 13th, 2022 –

GEO has now been in contract negotiations with UIC administration for over a year. We have made progress on some topics and GEO is committed to finding compromises, but the university’s bargaining team still refuses to address some of the union’s most pressing concerns. UIC is proposing salaries of $3000/yr less than what GEO is asking (and less than what grad workers at other Chicago schools make), no fee relief whatsoever, and increased health care costs. UIC still reserves the right to lock grad workers out of their offices, labs, and classrooms and will not include the union in the accommodations process for survivors of discrimination, harassment, and bullying. It is for all these reasons and more that GEO has called for a graduate worker strike. Grad workers at UIC will be going on strike starting Monday, April 18th.

Please show your support by signing on to our letter-writing campaign here consider donating to our strike fund here.

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