Friends! Summer is almost over (boo), and GEO is gearing up for a busy fall on behalf of members and the larger UIC community (yay).

Know this: we have an important meeting with the Office of Access and Equity (OAE) on Monday, September 9 from 10:30am to 11:30am, at which time we’ll be providing input on:

1) the creation of Gender Transition Guidelines, and
2) the quality, quantity, and accessibility of lactation facilities.

We are looking for 2-3 people to take on formulating specific recommendations to give to OAE on each point listed above.

In preparation for the meeting, there will be a couple of in-person meetings, plus remote work to compile recommendations based on member input and examples of model institutions.

If you OR someone you know is interested, contact Sagen Cocklin at

[Image description: a group of a dozen individuals sits around a table in a conference room. They are turning to face the camera, smiling and raising fists in the air in signs of solidarity.]

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