Update: March 22nd, 2018:

GEO met with the UIC administration today for our second session to bargain a new contract. Once again, GEO members from multiple departments filled the room to show the admins we’re united in wanting a fair contract. We continued discussing the 16 contract articles we’re *not* seeking to change, and the admins have now agreed not to change 13 of them. They offered a counter-proposal trying to make the language around required online training more open-ended. This could be harmful to graduate workers if it means missing a training would lead to discipline. So in response, GEO proposed more careful wording. GEO also brought a new proposal to strengthen the grievance procedure by making it more efficient and effective. These proposals will be further discussed in future sessions, after both sides give them more consideration. The next bargaining session will be Thurs., April 5, 1pm-4pm, in UH 650. As always, GEO members are encouraged to pack the room so everyone has a voice in bargaining!

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