Past updates on bargaining areĀ here. Bargaining sessions are on Wednesdays in University Hall (UH) 650. Next session: Feb. 1, 1-4pm.
On Wednesday January 20th, 2016 the University and GEO restarted negotiations which had been on hold since before Thanksgiving due to the holidays and the University Team’s vacation schedule. However, the tone of negotiations was changed with the meeting on the 20th. Dean of the Graduate College, Karen Colley, is now attending bargaining negotiations as the Chancellor’s spokesperson.
Additionally, the University brought to the GEO a new comprehensive proposal that had made significant movement from the previous position and in the context of how bargaining has been proceeding this contract negotiation season. GEO did not accept this proposal, but created a counter proposal that was presented today, Wednesday the 27th, to the University. The University responded with a counter. GEO will pass another comprehensive proposal to the University on Monday, February 1st, in UH 650 from 1-4 PM. This process will likely repeat on Wednesday, February 3rd, from 12-5 PM.
TL;DR: There has been movement from both the University and the GEO in negotiations. We will be meeting with the University again on Monday the 1st from 1-4 PM in UH 650 as well as Wednesday the 3rd from 12-5 PM also in UH 650. GEO will pass another comprehensive proposal to the University on Monday the 1st and will likely receive a response. This will likely repeat on Wednesday. Come and make your voice heard in our decisions to accept or reject the proposals that the University gives to the GEO!

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