As a union member, you know that collective bargaining gives you a voice on the job and the ability to negotiate over your salary, working conditions, and other issues that benefit both union and non-union workers and your community. But this Wednesday, May 27 at 2:00pm, the Senate Executive Committee will hold a hearing on legislation that would restrict these fundamental rights. Let’s stop it in its tracks.

Please call members of the Senate Executive Committee today to urge a NO vote on SB 1046, Senate Amendment 1 (SA1) – Rauner’s anti-worker agenda.

NOTE: The Senate Executive Committee is a critical hurdle for this harmful amendment. Even if you don’t see your Senator listed below, please call as many as possible, especially if he or she represents a town near you.

Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) 217-782-8176
Senator Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago) 217-782-5500
Senator James Clayborne (D-East St. Louis) 217-782-5399
Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) 217-782-2728
Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) 217-782-5966
Senator Kimberly Lightford (D-Westchester) 217-782-8505
Senator Terry Link (D-Gurnee) 217-782-8181
Senator Antonio Munoz (D-Chicago) 217-782-9415
Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago) 217-782-5338
Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago) 217-782-8492
Senator Donne Trotter (D-Chicago) 217-782-3201
Senator Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) 217-782-4471
Senator William Brady (R-Bloomington) 217-782-6216
Senator David Luechtefeld (D-Okawville) 217-782-8137
Senator Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) 217-782-7730
Senator Sue Rezin (R-Peru) 217-782-3840
Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) 217-782-5413

SB1046, SA 1 includes some of the most harmful aspects of Governor Rauner’s “turnaround” agenda. It would take away employees’ rights to bargain over: wages and pay equity health insurance maternity leave, child care benefits evaluations privatization of services and more. The legislation would also freeze property taxes, dramatically reducing the money available for education and public services in our communities. When teachers and other workers are able to collectively bargain, we help level the unbalanced playing field that always favors the employer. Through collective bargaining, we have negotiated gains that provide an opportunity for all families, not just labor households, to earn a living and raise a family.

Simply put, collective bargaining has given average people a voice and helped create the middle class.
That’s what’s at stake. Look at Wisconsin to see what happens when collective bargaining is eliminated. Teachers and public employees there have seen (10 percent) wage cuts, increased class sizes, reduced health insurance coverage, loss of sick days, a longer work day/year, and more. Kids and communities have suffered the most. We can’t let that happen in Illinois.

The hearing is this Wednesday so call these Senators immediately and urge a NO vote on SB1046, SA1. Tell them why collective bargaining is important to you. Remind legislators that collective bargaining provides: workplace equity for women and people of color fair wages, for union and non-union workers job safety protections collaboration and innovation in education and public services Across the state, counties and municipalities have overwhelmingly rejected the dangerous proposals in the Governor’s “turnaround” agenda, including the elimination of collective bargaining. Tell Senators to listen to the voters and do the same by voting NO on SB1046, SA1.

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