If you believe in a $15 minimum wage for all workers, join the GEO in supporting the Fight for $15 on UIC Campus (601 S. Mogran st.) this Wednesday, April 15:

On April 15, we will be standing up, speaking out and fighting for fair pay at the MASSIVE rallies around the globe for the Fight for $15.

Stand with us.

If you believe that every mother who works hard for a living should make enough money to feed her kids – then stand with us.

If you believe that a man who works for a company for 5 years – every single day in a hot kitchen – and still makes $8.25 an hour, deserves a raise – then stand with us.

If you believe that it is TIME for companies that make record profits to give back to communities that support them by paying their employees enough to live – then stand with us.

Sign up now to join the Fight for $15 rally in your city on April 15. Stand with the fast food workers fighting for $15 an hour and union rights.

We’re inspired by the victories: a $15 wage in Seattle and San Francisco, a $12.25 wage in Oakland – and cities from New York to Chicago to LA clamoring to push theirs even higher.

And we believe it’s time for McDonald’s and poverty-pay corporations like them to pay their employees enough to support their families.

So, we’ll be standing up and speaking out on April 15. Will you be there with us?

Head here now to sign up and get the full details on the event closest to you.

Let’s win this thing.


Fight for 15

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