Tomorrow at 6PM a coalition led by youth of color will hold a rally and march to reclaim the radical legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. The rally will be held at 1001 W. Roosevelt (Roosevelt and Morgan–a short five minute walk from most of East Campus); we will then march to the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center.

Many of us on the GEO Steering Committee will be out for the march. The Steering Committee remembers that Dr. King’s commitment to ending racial segregation and injustice included a deep understanding of the ways in which economic inequality authorized and exacerbated racism. At the start of 2015, with the bloody days of 2014 barely past, we will honor the radical legacy he has left us. We remember that his dream is still unfulfilled and that it is our responsibility–as labor leaders, as educators, as scholars, and as human beings–to see that it finally come true.

Please join us for this powerful event. Let’s look forward to a brighter, more just, and more radical 2015.

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