The University recently mailed a letter entitled “Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and State of Illinois Employee Health Coverage” to all University employees, which includes Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants. The purpose of the letter is mainly to address the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and provide information for finding affordable health care coverage through the new Health Insurance Marketplace that has been set up.

If you are enrolled in Campus Care, you are considered to have health insurance under the new act and as such won’t be penalized for not having insurance.

If you are interested to know whether any other coverage options are available to you, you can visit This site has a questionnaire that you can fill out to determine if you’re eligible for anything in the “marketplace”.

One important item all GEO members should be aware of is that if you use an insurance provider other than Campus Care, you are not eligible for the University contribution to the Campus Care premium as outlined in the GEO contract.

If any GEO members looked into the Health Insurance Marketplace, it would be great to hear back from you regarding what you discovered. You can email us at

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