The University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate Employees Organization (Local 6297) stands in solidarity with the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation at the University of Oregon as they strike for a fair contract.  The items that GTFF is requesting, such as two weeks of paid sick leave, are not unreasonable demands; rather, they are an important part of safe, fair working conditions for a vital group of university employees.

Considering the University turned a profit of $34 million in 2014, with the funds not specifically allocated for a particular use, it’s apparent that money is not a concern.  Rather, it’s about doing the right thing for the University’s workers.  The administration has the power to demonstrate they value workers by prioritizing fellows’ basic needs and providing them with a fair contract at the University of Oregon immediately.

GEO also stands in solidarity with New York University’s Graduate Student Organizing Committee (UAW Local 2110) as they bargain for a fair contract with their university’s administration.  With the university failing to address basic issues such as tuition reimbursement, fair health care coverage, and improvements to child care at the bargaining table, we support GSOC’s threat to strike.  We demand that NYU’s administration return to the bargaining table in good faith and take the necessary steps to negotiate a fair contract.

In Solidarity,
The Steering Committee of the UIC Graduate Employees Organization, Local 6297

The UIC Graduate Employees Organization (Local 6297, IFT/AFT, AFL-CIO) stands in solidarity with fast food workers across the nation who have called for a strike on December 4, 2014 to demand higher wages and the right to unionize. Along with home health care workers, airport workers, and Walmart workers, fast food workers are organizing to demand fair wages and better working conditions from wealthy corporations that reap substantial profits off their backs.
We are in solidarity with all workers who stand up and fight for a living wage. We stand with fast food workers as they go on strike, and call for everyone to support them by not crossing the picket line on December 4th.

To Support the fast food workers yourself, call on fast food chains to allow employees to strike for better pay and treatment without retaliation by signing this SEIU petition: