Join your fellow GEO members for a discussion of and vote on the annual GEO budget during this General Membership meeting. We will look at the proposed discretionary budget for the 2014-2015 year and then vote on the planned budget.  It’s an important vote since this will direct what your union should focus monetary resources on for the coming year!  We’ll be in room 302 of Student Center East on Wednesday, September 17th from 5-7 pm so come one, come all.

If you’re not able to attend but are interested in looking at the planned budget, please contact the GEO at

The Graduate Employees Organization, Local 6297, AFT-IFT, is deeply dismayed to learn of the horrifying racial discrimination that Chuck Conner, a fellow University of Illinois-Chicago employee, has faced on the job. All workers on campus deserve safe, fair working conditions, and a just and swift grievance process. It is utterly unacceptable that Mr. Conner has continued to face discrimination and bullying on the job in spite of an ongoing UIC investigation. We urge the University to expedite its investigation and bring Mr. Conner’s harassers to justice.

We are also disturbed to learn of the University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign’s rescinding of a job offer letter to a professor, Steven Salaita, on the basis of his personal politics. Academic freedom is vital to the well-being of the university. In silencing a voice it disagreed with, UIUC compromised the quality of academic discourse and scholarship on its campus.

These are but two of many cases that highlight the dysfunction within the University of Illinois system. For U of I administrators, PR optics take precedence over academic freedom, and the well-being of employees and their workplace safety is hardly a priority.  We are in dismay that the University administration would stand idly by and allow for, and support, this assault on academic freedom.

In Solidarity,

The UIC Graduate Employees Organization Steering Committee

Welcome to the Graduate Employees Organization!  We represent around 1500 Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants at UIC and are a member-run, volunteer-run, democratic labor union.  We’re holding a series of GEO 101 events in the next two weeks. These will be basic introductions to the union, describing what we do and how you can get involved in more depth than we were able to go into at orientations. We have three dates planned–if you can’t make any of these, let us know! We’ll be adding more.  These will be held at the GEO office (815 W. Van Buren, Suite 203).


Tuesday, August 26th from 10 am-11 am 
Wednesday, August 27th from 12 pm-1 pm 
Tuesday September 2nd from 2 pm-3 pm