UIC Graduate Employees Make Their Voices Heard

Chicago— At noon on Tuesday, February 26th, the Graduate Employees’ Organization, a labor union representing graduate student employees at UIC, called their members to action. Graduate employees, faculty, students and community supporters showed their solidarity- amidst blistering winds and snow blown faces- and demanded that the University present their graduate employees with a fair contract.

At noon, more than seventy supporters gathered to protest the University unfair treatment of their graduate employees. Currently, graduate employees are earning 140% above the federal poverty line, which economically situates them between “very poor” and “poor”.

“We are not doing this for our own selfish motives, we want to improve UIC. That will only happen if the
UIC administration respects us and we respect each other. We deserve better wages and we deserve to be able to afford to pay our tuition. A lot of undergraduates aren’t able to pay their tuition here and we’re not either,” said Piere Washington a teaching assistant in the Sociology Department.

The primary points of contention include high healthcare premiums, low wages, and increasing fees.The health insurance option that the university offers its graduate employees, for a fee, is not a licensed insurance company and thus its policy holders are not afforded the same protections and rights under Illinois law as licensed insurance holders. Karen Cralli, a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies was forced by UIC’s unlicensed insurance company, Campus Care, to make a choice: massive medical debt or death.

“Campus Care does not cover the majority of medically necessary, life-sustaining treatment for my blood disorder. When Campus Care put me in a position to choose between death and debt, I chose debt. No one should ever be forced to make that choice… Graduate employees deserve the same choices as other UIC employees—we should have the option to enroll in an insurance plan that won’t force us to choose between debt and death,” says Cralli.

During the rally speaker Aaron Finley, a teaching assistant in the English Department and steward for the GEO, called his fellow graduate employees to action stating, “ Our union is fifteen hundred members strong and these are numbers the university cannot ignore or do without. UIC works because we do…If you or your colleagues are waiting until the time has come to show the university that you demand a fair contract, that time is right now! We cannot let these negotiations drag on until it is too late. The time has come to show our strength and our unity. The time has come to let the administration know that we stand as one in our demands; that we will neither quietly nor complacently accept this treatment any longer.”

The Graduate Employee Organization will be back at the bargaining table with the University on
Thursday, March 7th for an all-day bargaining session.

For more information on the GEO’s bargaining session and contract negotiations visit https://
www.facebook.com/uicgeo and http://uic-geo.net/mainsite/


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Momentum has been building with the “Quit Playing Games With Our Hearts, UIC” Valentine’s Day Action, the Rally for Grad Employee Rights, and the Solidarity Letters to the Chancellor and Board of Trustees President. But now isn’t the time to lay down at the bargaining table. We’ve still got fees, wages, and health care to settle!
We’ll be there from 9 am to 5 pm in UH 650.

At 11 a.m. we’ll be congregating in the UH lobby because we have a GIGANTIC letter Solidarity Letter for the Chancellor and Board President that everyone–members, allies, undergrads, faculty, staff–are invited and encouraged to come sign. We’ll sign and then all bring the letter up together. We want the foot traffic to show that people support a fair contract for grad employees!!

If you can’t make it right at 11, no worries; we still want to see you there. Plus, we’ll be live tweeting and Facebooking the events happening in the room so you’ll know when the University is in the room (always a good time to visit!) or if we’re in caucus (great to visit as well because we’ll be discussing proposals which YOU the members vote on). You can follow us on Twitter @uicgeo.


Quit Playing Games

Yesterday’s rally was covered by graduate student journalists from Northwestern University! The weather unfortunately prevented them from making it in time to get good footage of the 70+ of us at the snowy rally, but they were able to interview several of our amazing members, including Piere Washington, Michael Muñiz, and Greg Sutliff. Check out their report!:  http://news.medill.northwestern.edu/chicago/news.aspx?id=216787